Sunday 31 May 2020
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Why Work with a Specialist for Slate Roofing Service and Installation

Why Work with a Specialist for Slate Roofing Service and Installation

Originating in Wales in the 12th century, slate is an extremely old yet effective type of roofing material that has been used on everything from large castles to modern homes. Slate is famous for its durability and fire resistance, but it has been enjoyed for its aesthetic benefits as well, and these days, you can have a beautiful slate roof installed on your home, business, or heritage property.

Whether it’s a brand-new installation or service for an existing slate roof, you want to make sure that the work being carried out is reliable. A well-installed slate roof will last for decades and often for more than a century, but working with general contractors or roofers who know very little about slate roofing could lead to a poor installation, which might lead to more trouble than you want.

By working with slate roofing specialists, you can feel confident in the work being carried out and trust that the result is something that will adequately protect your home for the long-term.

Slate Is Delicate

When it’s secured on your roof, you don’t have to worry much about the fragility of slate, but it’s important that the people handling or walking upon your slate know what they are doing. Due to the complex nature of replacing broken tiles and the importance of proper installation, you are better off working with a company such as NSW Slate Roofing that specialises in all types of slate roofing, including Welsh, Spanish, and Canadian slate.

Additionally, when you are dealing with a heritage property or a building that is fairly delicate itself, you need roofers who know how to approach the situation to prevent damages.

Replacing Tiles Can Be Complicated

Replacing slate tiles can be complicated, and the more inaccessible the broken tiles are, the more difficult this becomes. Given that slate is delicate, an inexperienced roofer could wind up damaging more tiles than he came to fix. As long as you are working with a reputable company that knows how to approach each situation, all tile replacements and maintenance services are completed with precision and without issue.

Appearance and Functionality Depend on Expertise

In many ways, the appearance and overall functionality of your roofing system depend on the expertise of your roofing company.

A roofing company that is heavily involved with slate products will be able to supply the best and most consistent materials, which not only makes installation easier, but it also ensures that your roof is as beautiful as possible. Slate roofing can vary in size and thickness, and you can often get access to a variety of colours as well.

A poorly-installed slate roofing system could also result in loose or falling tiles, structural damage, and a variety of other issues. Making sure that your roofers have extensive experience in the area of slate roofing not only helps you avoid these complications, but it also ensures that your home is well-protected for decades to come.



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